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Xerox Temporary World Headquarters
Niro Atomizer
Ed Mitchell's
General Electric Broadcasting
Westport Company Building No. 1
Richardson Vicks International
Holiday Inn
Hilford Moving and Storage

Town of Trumbull Board of Education
Town of Westport Public Works
Town of Fairfield Board of Education
Navy Base San Nicolas Island

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Columbia University Library
Town of Greenwich Nursing Home
Ventura County Medical Center

Black Rock Congregational Church
Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church

Hama Yu Japanese Restaurant
Tanglewoods Restaurants
Baker's Garden Restaurants
Yankee Peddler Inn Restaurant

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Carter Residence
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Campbell Residence
Bonney Residence

Ed W. Campbell, AIA Emeritus Ventura California architects and engineers. Architects and Engineers

About Us

Our Mission

To use all of the technological wonders at our disposal to create a seamless bridge between the worlds of Architecture, Interior Design, Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Multimedia Planning and Real Estate Development.

From concept sketch to large scale planning using 3D Modeling and Animation, to fully integrated Building Information Models and Construction Documents.  No project is too large or too small for our specialized attention to detail.


Company Profile

Ed W. Campbell, AIA Emeritus, was established as USA Architects and Engineers in June 1995 through the merger of USA Architects (founded in 1974) and Robert Martin & Associates (founded in 1929).  The San Buenaventura, California based firm offers all services typically acquainted with Civil Engineering, Surveying and Architecture; including, Land Planning and Zoning, Feasibility Studies, Site Design, Cost Estimating, Building Plant Evaluation, Code Compliance Design, Environmental Analysis and Construction Administration.

Related Experience

As an architectural and engineering firm with its roots in California since 1929, Ed W. Campbell, AIA Emeritus is intimately aware of the surrounding area, its people, zoning, local codes, and building and growth patterns.  The firm has designed projects from Santa Barbara, California to Kennebunkport, Maine.  Ed W. Campbell, AIA, President of the firm is registered in California and has experience testifying as an expert witness.

Phillip Sherman, P.E., is our registered Professional Engineer in California.  Greg C. Wardle, P.L.S., the firm’s Licensed Surveyor, offers all services typically acquainted with the practice of land surveying, and has provided survey services throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties for over 20 years.  He has completed over 2,000 individual survey projects utilizing his experience and the latest state-of-the-art equipment, including GPS and other electronic instruments for location of construction boundaries and design projects.  Like Mr. Campbell, Mr. Wardle has experience testifying as an expert witness.

Completed and Current Projects

Among its accomplishments, Ed W. Campbell, AIA Emeritus has designed projects for the Connecticut towns of Fairfield, Trumbull, and Westport; the State of Connecticut; Fairfield Public Schools; Marketing Corporation of America; County of Kauai, Hawaii; Shanghai Dong Hu Group, Shanghai, China; Ventura County Medical Center; the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles; various agencies throughout the state of California; and many large subdivisions and ranches throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties.

Most recently, Ed W. Campbell, AIA Emeritus (as architect) has begun construction of the 40,000-square-foot storage facility for Hilford Moving and Storage (Sally C. Crain Trust) in San Buenaventura.  Other recently completed projects are the restoration of two historic homes (90 and 100 years old) and an exterior redesign of the Holiday Inn Beach Resort, all in downtown San Buenaventura.

Additional Civil Design projects include St. Thomas Aquinas Church Community Center in Ojai, California; various projects with Thomas Aquinas College; the Bank of A. Levy headquarters in San Buenaventura; the Ventura Gateway Plaza; and numerous projects for the City of Thousand Oaks and the State Farm Insurance Company.

Projects completed by Greg C. Wardle, P.L.S. include ongoing mapping projects on San Nicolas Island and Pt. Mugu for the United States Navy; Told Construction Company; Ventura River County Water District; Millie & Severson, General Contractors; California Mushroom Farm; Thompson & Associates Architects; Hawaiian Village; and various State of California agencies.